BioAg are specialists in biological and regenerative farming systems.

Our advanced microbial technology will allow you to achieve better crops and better stocks – significantly improving your productivity, profitability and sustainability.

Every day we provide New Zealand food and fibre producers with the best possible processes, protocols and products to:

Enhance and sustain the productive capacity of our soils.

Produce high quality optimally nutritious food

Protect our natural capital resources of soil and water

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Find an enhanced solution for your farm, crop, orchard, or vineyard.

Hear from BioAg customers


“We have been following BioAg programs for the past three seasons (now 14 vintages since 2007) and have noticed a significant increase in both plant and soil health. Plants appear more disease resistant and the soil biology and humus content have increased hugely even in our extremely stony ground. Quality increases have also been significant in the final product with grapes being more balanced, with lower acids, higher brix and better overall colour” – Paul McEvoy, Manager Mills Reef Vineyards.

Mills Reef Testimonial (3.62 MB)

Sheep, Beef & Deer

“BioAg’s been important in terms of animal health, we were finding increased worm counts, animal health seemed to be decreasing so, we were looking at other ways other than just chemicals to improve animal health and get things on the right track…. It’s been exciting looking at the animals with using BioAg fertiliser in conjunction with RumiMate and we’ve seen all of our animal health increase. The ewes are looking fantastic, the lamb weights are great, the cattle seem to be growing, everything across the board is looking better” – Marcus Kynoch

“We have completed four years (now in 12th season) the BioAg system and we are using tonnes and tonnes less nitrogen on our biological farm…. The BioAg system is helping my quality in particular and by doing so is helping the production of the property. I’m getting a lot more green leafage that’s healthier for the animals…. The health benefits are just coming straight through to the cows themselves. I’m having a lot less trouble with metabolics and sore feet and the like…. During the droughts year my biological farm was one of the last farms to dry off the cows in our area, milking 2 weeks longer than my conventional farm next door.” – Robert Richards, Owner, Eichberg Farm

Dairy Farming Testimonial - Eichberg Farm Taranaki (383.84 KB)


“What we were sort of looking for here was an all-round approach to tree health, and looking at soil and the tree. BioAg is helping us in that approach by addressing the issues in the soil. This is our 5th year in the BioAg programme. Leaf health in the trees is better and we’re getting good consumer feedback from flavour, and we’re noticing a reduction in some pests. The environmental benefits are a reduction in the amount of fertiliser that we are applying, a reduction in some of the insecticides that we are having to put on…. The health benefits I guess to the consumer and me as a grower and my family must be in being able to reduce the amount of chemical input we have to put into the production of the product. I see that as a real benefit.” – Brian Rich, Ranui Orchard


“I would say the soil has become more porous; it breaks apart easier, has got more life. Worm numbers are up. I notice when we’re ploughing after the turnips for the winter wheat crop that the soil is breaking apart nicely with around five to six percent organic matter.” – Adrian Frei, Frei Dairy, Riversdale, Southland

“It all starts at the soil level. If you balance the soil, if you get it active, you’ve got the worms, the microbes working for you, then most of your system is working automatically. The cows here produce good milk, milk urea levels are reasonably low, they don’t get bloated, they don’t have hoof problems, fertility is good because they’re not just being pushed one-sided. Mainstream farming is unbalanced. We’ve got virtually no metabolic problems, very few lame cows, perhaps only five or six in a good year.” – Adrian Frei, Frei Dairy, Riversdale, Southland

Frei Dairy Testimonial (511.34 KB)

Animal Nutritionist

“Since 2011, every year my pasture gets treated according to BioAg’s recommendations with the dry product to balance the pH and minerals alongside BioAg’s liquid bio-stimulant and soil conditioner.

I have specialist high fibre, horse-friendly grasses planted in my paddocks, which are deep rooted and have worked very well in synergy with the BioAg program to give excellent biomass, with large crops of balage and hay every year. For example, this season, I got 64 large squares (12 bale equivalents) of balage in November, and then 418 conventional hay bales at the end of January from the same 7-8 acres of land.

Two of the paddocks were very wet and muddy in winter when I first bought the property. Since then, with the deep-rooted grasses and the BioAg program in place, the paddocks are now useable all year round, with no boggy areas by the boundary fence. I am happy to recommend BioAg programs for optimising soil fertility.”

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