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BioAg – Biological Agriculture

Biological agriculture systems incorporate the natural functions of soil and plant biology in providing efficiency in soil, pasture and crop fertility programmes. BioAg has international agronomic experience spanning over 45 years with a collective team knowledge of over 100 years in biological systems, and are leaders in advanced microbial technology for agriculture.

Our company BioAg Ltd, a privately owned business based in Napier, established in July 2007, introduced the BioAg agronomic system and range of BioAg liquid cultures from Australia (BioAg Pty Ltd). BioAg Australia has been manufacturing and supplying farmers and growers internationally with solid and liquid products since 1999.

The BioAg product range and agronomic programmes today are the result of nearly 40 years research, development and refinement originally undertaken by co-founder and dairy scientist Jeptha Gates, an early adopter of biological agriculture methodology. Replicated trials conducted internationally validate the BioAg system.

New Zealand managing director and co-owner, Steven Haswell, has been involved in soil rehabilitation incorporating biological systems for food crops since 1995.

A proactive, integrated solution

BioAg takes an integrated whole farm approach which considers all required inputs and impacts for long term benefit of sustained productivity, profit and the maintenance of natural capital.

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