Our Systems & Products

BioAg’s systems incorporate our unique bio-stimulant technology in comprehensive soil, crop and pasture fertility programmes based on the power of biology.

BioAg manufactures and supplies unique biological cultures (stimulants) and bio-active RPR based solid fertilisers.
Our systems and programmes are based on thorough soil sampling, visual soil assessments and crop, pasture or stock indicators along with farmer objectives using our biological technology to support optimum farm performance.

BioAg focuses on the fundamental processes of soil and plant biology which govern soil function and plant nutrition. These processes enhance animal, crop or pasture production whilst contributing to nutrient efficiency, nutrient density of produce, farm profitability and environmental performance.

Our programmes include all required soil mineral and nitrogen inputs together with foliar treatments where applicable. We address causes rather than treat symptoms.

We recognise that fertiliser can often be the largest off-farm annual expense, so it’s worth getting a comprehensive system that gets it right and optimises your farm’s profitability now and in the long term.

fertiliser can often be the largest off-farm annual expense, so it's worth getting it right

Our products are available New Zealand wide and apply to all farming types including arable, dairy, horticultural tree crops, produce crops, viticulture, deer and sheep and beef production.