Waste | Effluent

Take control of your waste water, effluent and facility management for improved efficiency and compliance.

Effluent management is a growing concern on many New Zealand dairy farms due to increased herd size, more intensive farming systems and environmental scrutiny.

Although the volume and composition of effluent produced varies greatly according to the individual property and season, many single-pond systems are now incapable of handling the increased volumes of effluent generated.

BioAg’s effluent and waste residue treatment is formulated to stimulate aerobic digestion in low oxygen situations for all types of animal effluent wastes, and provides solutions for a multitude of facility concerns as well, including animal shelters and industrial wastewater management.

BioAg DFD® | Dairy Effluent Digester

Effluent Digester is formulated to create and maintain a balanced microbial environment in effluent ponds thereby stimulating aerobic microbial digestion of organic matter.

The product suits all types of animal effluent, and has numerous benefits including:

  • Can convert free nitrates into biological forms more suitable for pasture growth
  • Initiates microbial activity in effluent ponds to break down algal growth and oxidise the water
  • Breaks down separted solids and improves spreading efficiency
  • May reduce soil nitrate leaching
  • Stimulates soil microbial activity where treated effluent is discharged via irrigation
  • Digests suspended solids into plant-available liquid nutrients
  • Reduces surface crusting, solid waste and the need for desludging
  • Reduces unpleasant “rotten egg gas” odours
  • + more