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Steven Haswell

Managing Director and Technical Manager

Steven is passionate about biological and soil enhancing farming practices that reduce the reliance on chemical fertilisers, reduce and eliminate poisonous chemistry in the food chain alongside building the productive capacity of our soils.  For the last 25 years he has run his own businesses providing horticultural and agricultural farmers with soil rehabilitation strategies and nutrition focused products.  2007 saw Steven establish BioAg with its systems and products in New Zealand.

Previously he had been a partner in EcoAgriLogic Ltd, a company specialising in Ecological research and development and agronomy services and co-owner of their family business Hort-Max.

Steven is deeply motivated in this role by the outcomes of biological and regenerative agricultural systems: better food nutritional quality, food safety and human health, environmental care and sustained land productivity.

Steven is married with three daughters and aims to put the farming background of his upbringing, together with his passion for the land, environment and community towards a healthier world for future  generations.


Steven Haswell

Managing Director and Technical Manager

Based in Hawkes Bay

Bruce Smith

Biological Farm Advisor

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