A New Way Forward – High Country Field Day Information

A New Way Forward – High Country Field Day Information

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A New Way Forward 

High Country Field Day Information 

The soil microbiome is a game changer according to a recent United Nations Food & Agriculture Organisation review. 

“All evidence suggests that the microbiome, an emerging concept referring to the complex  ecosystems made up of and by bacteria and other microorganisms, has powerful explanatory value  for matters related to human, plant and planetary health”. 

FAO 27 June 2023 

Managing the soil microbiome can improve productivity, protect soils and water and enhance environmental  resilience. 

New Zealand research presented at the 25th International Grasslands Congress in Kentucky in May showed a 60%  increase in low-fertility high country pasture yield with bio activated phosphorus. Biostimulant addition increased  production by an additional 60%. Biostimulant applied alone increased production by 17%. 

A previous 4 year trial in a medium-fertility Southland Sheep and Beef farm showed adding humate to urea  increased grassland production by 9 – 13%. DNA analysis by Lincoln University showed changes in grassland  productivity was directly related to fertiliser and bio-stimulation of soil microbial diversity. 

A five year study in a high-fertility Canterbury Dairy farm showed adding humate to urea, the most widely used  nitrogen fertiliser, increased pasture production by 13 %. It also consistently decreased topsoil winter nitrogen  leaching over three seasons, averaging a 61 % reduction. 

In a current Southland study humate addition reduced nitrogen leaching by up to 15% this winter. 

The research was funded by a public/private partnership between Callaghan Innovation and industry, Southern  Humates and BioAg NZ. It has been published in, or submitted to, scientific journals. 

The microbiome presents a new opportunity for advancing agriculture. 

A field day presenting this research will be held on the 13th December, 10 am to midday, Glenbrook / West Edge Stations, 2132 Twizel-Omarama Road, State Highway 8.

Effect of bio-activated phosphate and bio-stimulant on Mackenzie basin dryland grassland, December 2022.


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