Getting more out of your Nitrogen Investment

Getting more out of your Nitrogen Investment

Getting more bang from your nitrogen investment


If you cut your nitrogen by 80% tomorrow, would you expect your production to drop? Of course it would… if you did nothing else. Optimising nitrogen use is one of the holy grails in a drive to produce food for a booming world population, all whilst looking after the environment. Under the radar a growing number of farmers are successfully dropping their N to astoundingly low levels in an approach that provides a wide range of benefits. To support farmers findings, BioAg conducted a series of US based replicated crop trials. Reducing N by 15%, BioAg’s liquid product range provided a staggering 26% yield increase above standard fertiliser practices. How is it that biological farmers can dramatically reduce nitrogen without reducing production? The journey starts with an appreciation of soil health’s role in driving the nitrogen cycle.

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