Hawke’s Bay Livestock Fundraiser

Cancer is a big deal for families at any time, and especially for children and young people living with cancer or learning that a loved parent or caregiver has cancer.  As the heading suggests ‘It’s a big deal’ and often an expensive one.

The Hawke’s Bay Livestock Fundraiser initiative has been created to help these families.

Your donations can make a big difference for children and young people living with cancer.

Would You Like To Donate?

If you don’t have livestock to donate but would like to support our initiative, you can do so here, and support either or both of the charities.

Livestock donations can be arranged directly by contacting your PGG Wrightson, Carrfields, or Redshaw Livestock agent.

BioAg supports this initiative and is hosting this Donate Now page on behalf of Child Cancer Foundation and CanTeen.


Donate to Child Cancer Foundation in Hawke’s Bay

Bank: ASB  Account: 123191-0041879-03

Please Use Reference: HBLSFI  and your own details in Particulars

CCF-Bank-Account-03-Deposit-Slip.pdf (39.38 KB)

Donate to CanTeen Hawke’s Bay

Bank: ASB Account: 123237-0015650-00

Please Use Reference: HBLSFI and your own details in Particulars

CanTeen-Hawkes-Bay-Deposit-Slip.pdf (246.38 KB)

What is the Hawke’s Bay Livestock Fundraiser Initiative?

HB-Livestock-Fundraiser-Info.pdf (1,009.88 KB)

Support Partners Include:

PGG Wrightson  –  Carrfields  –  Redshaw Livestock  –  HB Today  –  Quest Marketing  –  BioAg  –  Rural News  –  Wilsigns